Why We Built This Page


Working At Home in Internet

Working at home in the days before the Internet was exceedingly difficult. Some people worked for helplines. Other people did transcription at home. There were few other jobs that people could really do from the comfort and the security of their own homes, and the perception that work-at-home jobs are rare and poorly paid is still with us today. Our website was designed in order to challenge that perception. We’re interested in trying to fix some of the problems that are caused by nothing more than inertia. We’re interested in helping people find high-paying jobs that will allow them to work from home, even if they have never done jobs like this before this point.

Our website has plenty of job listings that are actually updated twice a day. We know that the job boards on many similar websites update so infrequently that they are useless, and we have decided to avoid that problem as much as possible. We have entire separate categories for different jobs, making it easier for people to find what they want. Hopefully, our website will help people when they are trying to launch lucrative careers that they can practice from home.