6 Red Flags That May Indicate An Online Scam

What Are Internet Scams?

Dishonest and unscrupulous people use internet scams as a way to secure money from people illegally. There are so many scam artists out there these days, that it can be very easy to fall prey to their dishonest ways. If you know what to look for, you will be less likely to be taken advantage of.


Signs that an Offer May be a Scam

If you come across a job offer online, and you notice any of the following red flags, you should ignore the offer completely.

If the Offer Sound Too Good to Be True: Most internet scam artists will make job offers or offers on rental property as enticing as possible so that they can get as many people as possible on board. If the offer seems amazing and too good to be true, it probably is.

If You are Asked for Upfront Fees: If you are looking for a job, and the employer requires you to pay a fee before you can apply, chances are the job is not legitimate. If you find a home for rent online, you should never send the owner any money until you have met with them, seen the property, and are sure that everything is on the up and up. There are scam artists out there who will tell you that in order to be considered for the property that you saw online, that you must pay a fee to have a background check done. While this is common practice for landlords, legitimate landlords would never ask for this money until you have done a full walk through of the property with them first. There are other scam artists out there who will promise you an apartment without you even seeing it. They will ask that you mail them the security deposit and first months rent, and they will then mail you the keys. This is a scam.

If You Cannot Find the Company During an Online Search: Before you even consider working for anyone that you find online, you should do an internet search of the company or person that you are dealing with. If you cannot find anything, it is not legitimate. Any company will have a website or at least contact information online.

If a “Work from Home” Opportunity Offers an Extremely High Compensation: If you find an offer to work from home, and the compensation much higher than reasonable, chances are it is a scam. The people who try to pull off these scams take advantage of a person’s desire to make as much money as possible.

If Your Pay is Based on the Number of People You Recruit: If your pay is based solely on the number of people that you can sign up for the job, it is a pyramid scheme. Not only are these schemes, scams, they are also illegal.

If You are Unable to Get an Interview: If you have been trying to get an appointment for an interview, but cannot, it is likely a scam. These scam artists will try to get you to give your personal information or send money before being offered an interview.

If there are Too Many People Interviewing: If you do get an interview, and there are hundreds of people there being interviewed in batches, the job is likely not legitimate. Legitimate jobs bring in a few people per day, and interview applicants one at a time.

How You Can Be Hurt Through Online Scams

If you become a victim of an online scam, you can lose a great deal of money, as well as your pride. If you know what red flags to watch out for when it comes to online opportunities, there is less chance that you will become a victim.

Working At Home in Internet
Working at home in the days before the Internet was exceedingly difficult. Some people worked for helplines. Other people did transcription at home. There were few other jobs that people could really do from the comfort and the security of their own homes, and the perception that work-at-home jobs are rare and poorly paid is still with us today.

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